Monday, February 7, 2011

Vision Board 2011

XWZGT8J4TTMQ This is my first foray into blogging.  I'm sure to do some things wrong and some things right. Also, I'm a little anxious about this. I debated taking this step because the subject of this blog is highly personal - at least it is for me.  You see, I've decided to get married in 18 months.  The kicker is that I don't yet  know the groom.  I'm stepping out on faith here. 

I'm sure you're wondering how I got here.  Well, it started with small conversations with women friends and church members about the value of creating a vision board.  Well that's not completely true.  It was prompted in part by a relationship gone wrong, but more about that later.  Anyway, whenever I would mention the idea of creating a vision board and a vision board party nearly everyone I talked with was excited and commented about needing some vision in her life.  A couple weekends ago a friend and I hosted a vision board party.  It was a great experience.  About 12 -14 women came out and we flexed our creativity over wine, snacks and dessert.  Everyone seemed to leave better than when she arrived.  However, the biggest surprise is what manifested on my vision board.

Before I started work on my vision board, I knew I would include images that represented a greater spiritual life; a healthy and strong body; greater organization and time management; graduation and a job I'm passionate about; more travel, adoption and relationships.  I didn't know I wanted to get married in 18 months.  That reality emerged as I collected magazine pictures and images that spoke to me.  Mmph!  What to do with this?  How do I make this happen?  All my other goals that were depicted on the vision board seemed doable, but this one was taking me out of my comfort zone.  I knew for this to happen, I would need to take action and make myself vulnerable to a certain know do things like chronicle my experiences in a blog, reveal my intent to friends and speak my real and authentic truth.  That brings me to this blog - 18 Months to the Altar.

This blog is my attempt to hold myself accountable and for anyone else who happens to read it to join me in making sure I stay on track.

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  1. I think it's great that you are taking this powerfully life altering step. Even more so that you have the strength of your convictions to share it with the world.

    This blog could be a rock for many women & men that will in turn find that same strength/ownership over their futures that you are grasping now!

    I'm proud of you! ;)