Monday, May 23, 2011

The Missing Ingredient for Success Today

One of my favorite websites is The Daily Love. It's administered by this guy Mastin Kipp who is a mentor and motivational speaker. I'm not sure how folks achieve these titles or receive the blessing to go forth as experts, but he seems to have a pretty huge following via his website, Facebook, Twitter and among all the better known self-help and law of attraction gurus. If he's good enough for them, I guess he's good enough for me. Anyway.......

Mastin Kipp has an excellent blog post today about patience and how our lack of it impedes success. I was not blessed with the attribute patience. I have prayed for it like a mad woman as I possess it in very small quantities.

I reserve it for the very young, the infirm and those who are obviously mentally compromised. That's not a lot of folks. So, you can imagine how long and intolerable some days can be for me. For example, I have little patience for fiddlers and dawdlers. When I arrive at Target and park my car, I grab my purse, jump out and head for the store. Easy peasy. Well, not for everyone. I have a friend who will jump out and then fiddle around in the backseat doing who knows what. I'm standing there thinking WTH. Finally, she emerges with nothing but a purse. I'm thinking that it took 3 f****** minutes to grab a purse. Arrrgh! Also, I'm easily frustrated by the decision making process engaged in by other people and a million other things that I can fill this page with, but won't. You get my point. I'm an action person. My brain is like a computer. Information is input, an analysis is performed, a decision is made and I act on it. For me, this is a fairly quick exercise. I can truthfully say I have few regrets regarding decisions I've made. As I sit here and think about it, I can only think of two. On the other hand, my lack of patience does not always serve me well.

My lack of patience is frustrating for me. I've often thought what have I missed along the path of my journey because I find it difficult to slow down. What lessons have I not gotten because I move through experiences very quickly? I don't like hurt feelings, disappointment or rejection. It's been my rule to cry about "it" for 24 hours and move on because there is still much to do and I'm a warrior woman.

It's only been recently that I've discovered there is much to be said for living in the present and that every step of the journey should be savored - the good and the bad. 18 Months to the Altar has been the catalyst for this understanding. In my preparation for marriage, I've not only observed couples who possess the type of relationships I admire, I've also done a lot of self examination. I've read dozens of books about the Law of Attraction, spiritual health and loving intention. I've asked myself what role has my lack of patience played in my not so successful intimate relationships. I don't mean the obvious stuff like being on ring watch, waiting for a proposal, wondering when will I meet the family, when will we make our formal debut as a couple or when are we going on vacay together, but my rush to just get it done so that I can move on to the next "thing." I've treated intimate relationships like something to be checked off a list. And I'm sure I've made some of the guys I've dated feel like they were a to-do item.  Not a great trait if you're hoping to become a Mrs. someday and I do hope to do so.  I'm decidedly more easy breezy these days.

Although I do hope to get married (sooner than later), I'm more about living the exact moment that I'm in and not worrying about what's going to come next.  No matter what actions I take, the Universe has already laid out the path.  I can either accept it with love, patience and thanksgiving or fight it every step of the way with timelines, demands and frustration.  I choose the former.  Check out this paragraph from Mastin's blog. It says it much better than I can. Below is a link to Mastin's complete blog entry.

"So, what does patience feel like? For me patience is the slow, yet perfect unfolding of my dreams one day at a time. It’s embracing the uneasiness of all the things that are still unsettled in my heart and having the faith that The Uni-verse is working for my best interest, even if I can’t see it or feel it in this moment. Patience is accepting the present fully as it is and then course correcting. Patience is allowing yourself to make mistakes and then learn from them. Patience is removing the word “should” from your vocabulary and instead, understanding that everything that’s happened in your life has been necessary to teach you."

The Missing Ingredient for Success Today

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  1. I am feeling you. Patience is a SKILL! I like immediate gratification, however God has been working with me for the past few years. I have developed a lot of patience and I work every day to live in the present moment.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your blog has me reflecting. I am so glad to see you writing consistently on your blog again!!!!!!